Chalmers Master Thesis Silicon Carbide
Posted: 06/02/2020


Four Chalmers students will be working with us to complete their master’s degree with a project revolving around SiC (Silicon Carbide) inverters.

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN – (06/02/2020) - We are very delighted to welcome four Master Thesis students from Chalmers University of Technology. Alexander, Marcus, Rene & Erik will be working with us to complete their master’s degree with a project revolving around SiC (Silicon Carbide) inverters, a technology we are extremely excited about. SiC is the new state of the art technology for maximum performance which is also one of the cornerstones in Abtery’s DNA.

We will be working closely with our four new students to assist and push what’s possible with the new and powerful technology. This is not the first time Abtery is involved with SiC, nor the last time. Silicon Carbide components have been and will continue to be one of our core technologies in the future.

SiC components will bring a large amount of new possibilities to the EV industry, and in combination with Abtery’s already performance-oriented solutions we could bring something truly amazing into the world.

Alexander, Marcus, Rene & Erik will do the project for Chalmers Formula Student team. Formula Student is a well-respected worldwide engineering competition held annually in the UK. The young gentlemen will be with us until beginning of June where they finally present their results and complete their education.

“It’s an exciting project with short timeline in a small and focused team. I see SiC components as an emerging technology that will help push the possibilities of electric propulsion to new heights. The thing that really stands out when it comes to SiC components is that the size of the product can be minimized. Not just the size of the SiC component itself, but also the size of related components such as capacitor banks. - If we don't win Formula Student, we can at least take comfort in that we had the best inverter among all competitors.” - Alexander Andersson

Abtery is proud to contribute to the community by supporting students during their education, and we can already tell you that these four upcoming engineers will have a bright future.

Stay tuned for more updates on the project!