We Walk The Talk

At ABTERY, we believe in constantly pushing the limits. We are an electric system design house, determined to develop further, getting that extra something. We develop and improve electric systems and services in every aspect by sharing our knowledge, following our passion and embracing the future.

We are an internationell team, based in the nordic hub of vehicle development, Gothenburg Sweden. Together we bring an extensive experience from years of tinkering and developing electric drive systems


The Crew

The Crew at ABTERY is a gang of people with diverse backgrounds and nationalities who all share the same dedication, to push limits and keep developing and learning. We don´t play by the rules, we make new games. We don’t see limits, only challenges. We are passionate and proud in everything we do. ABTERY is unique thanks to our Crew, we have our unique company culture thanks to our Crew. The ABTERY Crew is the heart and soul of the company. 


We are always looking for highly motivated engineers eager to join our crew. We offer a relaxed and friendly work atmosphere with flat hierarchies and a strong team mentality. As a small and specialized team we are well aware of the importance of each individual colleague and support and promote each employee according to his or her abilities and needs.